Sunday, November 22, 2015

Indicted MD Parker Entered Non Guilty Plea


MONROVIA—Both the indicted former Managing Director of the National Port Authority (NPA) Matilda Wokie Parker and Comptroller Christina Kpabar Paelay threw out a challenge to state prosecutor on Thursday when they denied all charges against them. Parker dressed in yellow African attire with black spot and a black head-tie while Paelay in white suit worn since the trial begun on November 10, 2015 stood before the court with right hands up while the clerk read the volume of indictment against them.

Following the reading of the indictment by the clerk and ascertained their plea both responded in the negative but in a loud voice where everyone witnessing the case could hear from every corner of the court. “You have listened to the reading of the indictment are you guilty or not? Both of the defendants looking straight into the eyes of the middle-aged clerk replied “we are not guilty hereby entering issue with the state.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Speaker Alex Tyler’s Blind Presidential Quest

Hawa Wesseh

This month, having served as house speaker for almost a decade, Alex J. Tyler resigned from the ruling Unity Party [UP], perhaps sensing the party has spent it political capital with Johnson Sirleaf calling the shots since 2005, or sensing he will not get his party nomination. But whatever recognized public perception there might be, with the ruling UP running up to 2017, there is no way Alex Tyler can extricate himself from the record already laid. Tyler, reports say is contemplating forming his own party to run for the Liberian presidency instead! Tyler’s perceive ambitions to a larger extend is a microcosm of the typical Liberian politician that gallivants from one party to another no matter the circumstance to hold a ‘Government job.”

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Liberia A Country In Search Of Answers


By: Hawa Wesseh

Judging by the euphoria which recently greeted Liberia 3-1 win against Guinea Bissau, you would think the country must have just won the African cup of nations, or that it went to the world cup, played in the finals and did lost to a worthy opponent, this wasn’t even the Nigerian Super Eagles, or the Lions of Cameroon or the Black Stars of Ghana, this was my people after all a win against a team that calls itself the African Wild Dogs, one of the continent lowly seated teams on the fifa billboard, and this was after all what sent ripples of celebration across the country especially Monrovia. The near silliness with which the celebration took on a fiesta, with some Monrovia newspapers running editorials to declare a new dawn not just for football but sports in general, says Liberia is a country in search of answers.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

African Centre Edmonton Celebrates Eid

unnamed (1)

Press Release 
African Centre, Edmonton, AB
EDMONTON, ALBERTA (July 19, 2015) — The African Centre in Edmonton Alberta, joined Africans from the continent residing in the city, to celebrate the annual Muslim festivity EID, which saw performances, speeches, traditional meals and gifts on the day. Local Muslims leaders attending the program preached a message of peace and justice, which was also the Centre’s central missive, as it rallied African Muslims in the city for the second year running. Eid is a happy time for Muslims, in the Islamic religion, at which time families and the community come to together to give back and rejoice.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Ronaldiho Wleh Put Liverpool on Notice

Patrick Wleh made headlines this week with a monster goal against Liverpool
Patrick ‘Ronaldinho’ Wleh tested Liverpool goalkeeper Adam Bogdan with a grounder in the seventh minute before making his second chance count six minutes later. 

Sunday, July 19, 2015

John H. T. Stewart goes to Probate Court

Former TRC Commissioner John H.T.Stewart

Am facing, Probate Court Judge Vinton Holder on Monday to answer charges of fraud. To make a long story short, I filed before the Civil Law Court an Action of Ejectment against Samir Abdul Wahab and Samir Kashouh

Friday, June 12, 2015

Five Reasons Coach Debbah Needs Skipper Laffor

Skipper Sundowns hitman Anthony Laffor

By Ralph Geeplay

1. Liberia Lone Stars manager James Salinsa Debbah have already announced his era is here. How long he will stay at the helm as coach though, is another matter that remains to be seen, but he has come in with a bang and in doing so have left out the bulk of the players that anchored the team for the past eight or more years. Key players Dioh Williams, Patrick Wleh and most importantly NS Metrix goal scorer Francis Doe didn’t get an invite. A decision that could hunt the newly appointed coach. Debbah needs leadership and consistency in the pockets. He also needs stability given the drastic changes he has rollout. It therefore makes sense keeping the Sundowns forward who himself has scored important goals for the national team and should the keep the locker room steady.